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Turkey to help export laminated glass made by Belarusian Gomelglass

GOMEL, 23 November (BelTA) – Turkey has become a strategic partner that will help the Gomel-based glass factory Gomelglass to export the laminated glass the company makes, BelTA learned from Lyudmila Monastyrskikh, Head of the company's Marketing, Advertising, and Analytics Department. Gomelglass intends to export 200,000 tonnes of laminated glass to Turkey in 2016 or as much as 33% of the output. “Cooperation is developing at a rapid pace. A pilot batch of laminated glass to the tune of about 2,000 tonnes was dispatched in late 2015. The product has gone through all the tests with flying colors and now occupies a solid niche on the local market. In essence within one year the product went all the way that would take a decade in different circumstances,” said the executive. OAO Gomelglass intends to expand cooperation with Turkish companies in 2017. Due to the rising output of laminated glass arrangements were made to export up to 500,000 tonnes of the product to Turkey or 38% of the total sales. Gomelglass is working hard to diversify target markets, first of all, among non-CIS states, in a bid to raise sales. The company's management attaches special hope to the new manufacturing line made by the German company Buhler. The line can make 8 million m2 of glass per annum and was commissioned in November 2016. With this manufacturing line the Gomel-based company will be able to expand the choice of products and offer such popular kinds of glass as energy-saving glass, multifunctional glass, and sunscreen glass. The public joint-stock company (OAO) Gomelglass stemmed from the Gomel glass factory named after M.V. Lomonosov in 1994. The company focuses on making large-size floated glass sheets. Colorless and transparent glass sheets are vital for making translucent civil engineering components, for making coated glass, glass for automobiles and safe glass, glass components for making furniture.