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Plans to make Belarusian-design harvesters Altai-Palesse in Russia

GOMEL, 11 January (BelTA) – The industrial production of Altai-Palesse grain harvesters will begin using assets of the group of companies Agrotsentr in Altai Territory, Russia in 2017, the press service of the Belarusian agricultural machines engineering company Gomselmash told BelTA. Paperwork to establish the company is nearly done. The new enterprise will be classified as a branch of the joint venture Bryanskselmash. Bryanskselmash has been making machines designed by Gomselmash for more than ten years already. The enterprise in Altai Territory will employ a large share of components of local manufacture. In particular, the harvesters will be fitted with 330hp and 250hp diesel engines made by the Altai engine factory and tires made by the Altai tire factory. The localized manufacturing processes will make the new enterprise eligible for state support. For instance, it is already known that agricultural companies that will buy Altai-Palesse harvesters will be able to use subsidies from the Altai Territory government to the tune of 10% of the cost of the harvesters. In 2016 Altai-Palesse harvesters with Russian components were tested by a vehicle testing company in Altai Territory and were displayed during an all-Russian agricultural expo. In autumn the harvesters were tested at premises of the educational agricultural enterprise of the Altai State Agricultural University and at an agricultural enterprise in Kytmanovo District. According to the Gomselmash press service, after dealing with all the issues relating to the degree of localization the group of companies Agrotsentr will be able to make up to 100 harvesters per annum. The Belarusian holding company Gomselmash stemmed from the Gomselmash factory that was founded in 1930. Gomselmash is a major manufacturer of agricultural machines. It is one of the world's top manufacturers of harvesters and other complicated agricultural machines. Under the proprietary brand Palesse the company offers nine types of agricultural machines, 23 basic models, 26 modifications, 48 adapters and implements designed for harvesting various kinds of crops. Among other countries Gomselmash harvesters are used in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltic states, Argentina, Brazil, Iran, China, and South Korea. The company operates a far-reaching distribution chain.