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Good potential for extracting difficult oil in Belarus

GOMEL, 8 May (BelTA) – Belarus has the necessary potential for developing, advancing, and assimilating technologies for recovering difficult oil. President of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Darcy Spady made the statement as he visited the Belarusian oil extraction company Belorusneft on 8 May, BelTA has learned.

Speaking about technologies for recovering difficult oil, Darcy Spady stressed that certain experience and precise calculations taking into account regional peculiarities are required for embracing the technologies. “I am absolutely convinced that Belarus has the necessary potential for developing and assimilating these technologies on its own,” he said.

The president of the Society of Petroleum Engineers said he was confident that Belarusian specialists have their own experience of working with certain deposits, which contain difficult oil. This experience can be used in international practice. “I can see how active and aggressive — in a good sense — students and young professionals are here. Belarus has very strong human resources potential and highly trained specialists,” noted Darcy Spady.

Belorusneft became a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers in 2017. Belorusneft offers premises to a Gomel section, which refers to Russia and the Caspian region. Darcy Spady spoke in positive terms about the work of the Gomel section. “Good results have already been achieved. I think Belarus can make a tangible contribution to the development of the SPE’s regional sections,” he added.

The SPE president met with top executives and specialists of Belorusneft. The sides discussed prospects of recovering difficult oil, technologies, international experience, and so on.

Belorusneft Deputy Director General for Geology Piotr Povzhik noted that the Society of Petroleum Engineers is a good platform for sharing knowledge, skills, and technologies. He stressed that after Belorusneft joined the SPE, Belorusneft personnel and Belarusian university students have been able to share the best practices, tap into the knowledge, which will come in handy as foreign technologies are adapted to Belarusian conditions.

There are 83 oil deposits in Belarus, with 61 deposits producing oil. About 70% of the oil deposits contain difficult oil. In 2018 Belorusneft intends to increase oil extraction in the country up to 1.67 million tonnes, up from 1.65 million tonnes in 2017. New technologies may also come in handy for Belorusneft’s oil extraction projects in Venezuela, Ecuador, and Russia.