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Belarusian Gomselmash to set up lab for agricultural machinery industry in 2018

 GOMEL, 21 December (BelTA) – The Belarusian agricultural machinery engineering company Gomselmash will set up a lab for the entire industry in 2018, BelTA learned from Aleksei Vyrsky, Deputy Director of the Gomselmash R&D Center for Harvester Engineering, on 21 December.

The lab’s tools will be up to the world’s best standards. Two software and hardware complexes will be acquired with financial assistance of the Gomel Oblast administration and the Agriculture and Food Ministry. “We will be able to use the equipment for computer modelling and computer optimization of the processes going on in the course of the actual operation of harvesters and other agricultural machines,” noted Aleksei Vyrsky.

The classic approach — increasing the size of the cutting header in order to increase the output per harvester — always leads to larger and heavier agricultural machines. Such machines put more pressure on soil and destroy the fertile layer. “This is why new solutions are needed. Thanks to modernization we should be able to increase output, I mean, grain output of the existing machines. We will use the software and hardware modelling complexes to find these solutions within a short period of time,” said the official.

Specialists of the Gomselmash R&D division have already accumulated the necessary experience. In 2017 they trialed five modifications of grain harvesters with brand new grain threshing schemes. The data will have to be processed. Computer models will be used to make adjustments to the design of Gomselmash harvesters.

An international science and practice conference is scheduled to take place at premises of the Gomselmash R&D Center for Harvester Engineering on 21-22 December to discuss innovative technologies in agribusiness. The conference gathered over 100 scientists and specialists, who discuss the expansion of R&D cooperation in designing and manufacturing innovative competitive agricultural machines.

The conference includes a plenary session and two panel sessions. The latter focus on harvesters and R&D cooperation as well as tractors and mobile units. An exhibition at Gomselmash premises is supposed to demonstrate achievements of the agricultural mechanical engineering industry.